Boulder Takes the Next Step in Creating a Municipal Utility

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See who is urging you to Vote NO on 310!

Empower Our Future
is a coalition of organizations and individuals in support of clean energy for Boulder.


Hey Xcel Energy

The Boulder community has been moving forward in creating a locally-owned electric utility, as directed by voters in 2011 and 2013.

New Era Colorado asks you to tell Xcel’s leadership that it’s time to stop standing in the way of the democratic process.

Hey Xcel Energy - Leave Boulder Alone

For a Clean Energy Future

Empower Our Future has an ad up on Boulder cable featuring business consultant Myriah Conroy, Mayor Matt Appelbaum and business owner Brook Aitken.

Check out the ad and share it with your friends.

Empower Video

A Muni can double our renewable energy sources

A locally-owned power company could significantly reduce reliance on fossil fuels, dramatically cutting our GHG emissions.

Where does our energy come from? Xcel's 2012 energy mix:

Dirty Energy

When you look at the mpg equivalent of electric cars in various parts of the country, taking into consideration the greenhouse gases generated in charging the battery, Colorado's energy ranks the worst state in the nation. Source: the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Xcel is chained to coal

According to their stated resource plan, Xcel's commitment to coal extends out as far as the eye can see, with the Comanche 3 coal plant online until 2069.