Boulder is looking into municipalization for very good reasons.

With our own electric utility we can slash the greenhouse gas pollution from fossil fuel electricity and meet or beat Xcel’s reliability and rates. We can gain local control to address community priorities and stimulate Boulder business and entrepreneurship in clean energy.

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Where does our electricity come from?



The financial benefits are looking better all the time

While Xcel’s rates continue to go up, the costs for wind and solar are dropping faster than our most optimistic expectations. Therefore, though final numbers can't be determined until after Boulder knows the separation costs, the financial benefits will very likely be much greater than shown in the original analysis.

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Boulder is part of a worldwide movement.

A new world energy economy is emerging. Spurred on by the stick of climate change and the carrot of saving money, countries, states, cities, and companies around the world are moving toward renewable energy.

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Empower our Future is a coalition of organizations and individuals in support of clean energy for Boulder. The residents of Boulder have voted 4 times to move forward toward municipalization. Let’s not let the nay-sayers block our efforts to switch to renewables and control our electricity.