About Empower Our Future

Empower Our Future is a coalition of community organizations, local businesses, and individuals with a vision of a sustainable world and a shared commitment to bringing the best local clean energy future to Boulder.

Empower Our Future’s mission is to move forward on a path to a 21st century utility that prioritizes innovation, local economic development, sustainability, and energy reliability at competitive rates, while providing cleaner energy with lower emissions.

Simply put, we are working to ensure that Boulder achieves 100% renewable energy by 2030 (or darn close). Achieving this goal requires shifting away from our current antiquated fossil fuels-based electric system through changes in both sources and uses of energy.

Empower Our Future understands that Boulder has the potential to be on the crest of the world-wide clean energy future. Rapidly unfolding technological advances in clean, renewable energy sources, and efficiency and storage, are complemented by favorable economic trends and a steady increase in voter support for the city of Boulder to complete the Municipal Electric Utility exploration process.

Empower Our Future’s role in this historic process is keep all doors open, and to engage and educate the community through on-going outreach including informing citizens of exciting energy opportunities, refuting false and misleading claims about alternative paths, and encouraging citizen support of the city as it moves through uncharted legal challenges in its legacy carbon reduction project that has captured the attention of communities around our region, nation and world.

Empower Our Future Team