Views, Letters to the Editor and Opinions on Renewable Energy, Coal and Boulder Muni Efforts.

Nick Kerwin: A Big Victory for the Muni

The PUC decision of April 19 was a big victory for Boulder municipalization, not a setback as the Camera story asserted. The critical action by the PUC was that the… Read more

Peter Mayer: See the MUNI through

Xcel has presented Boulder with two coal-fired turds labeled “final best offer” and “partnership.” These humiliating, turn-tail exit ramps are laden with carbon and are unacceptable. City Council should ignore… Read more

Mary Rogers: Boulder and Xcel are Misaligned

Xcel’s partnership offer is tempting. It promises certainty and finality, which are very alluring after years of uncertainty about our electric future, particularly its costs. But I agree with John… Read more

Kevin Cook: Keeping Money in town

In regards to the muni that Boulder residents have voted to establish several times: While I agree that the green benefits of local control are important, I think the economic… Read more

Wolfgang Reitz: Boulder Xcel's kill pill

Xcel has presented two offers to Boulder — to provide Boulder with electricity for 20 years and an option for Boulder to buy out Xcel in five. On April 17,… Read more