Views, Letters to the Editor and Opinions on Renewable Energy, Coal and Boulder Muni Efforts.

Bex Klafter: Future generations need us to pursue muni

When my parents were in college, no one was talking about climate change. They were not aware of the hugely detrimental repercussions of burning fossil fuels, the possibility of a… Read more

Chris Hoffman: Xcel earns while the planet burns

Bob Martin raises some good questions in his “Musings on a municipal electric utility” (Daily Camera, Aug. 2). Here are some additional thoughts. The original justification for separating from Xcel… Read more

Paul Culnan: City did a great job at PUC trial

In this era of climate change denial at the federal and state level, it is up to us citizens to do what we can locally. Please stop paying Xcel to… Read more

Merrill Glustrom: Good move by City Council backing carbon fee

As a member of the Citizens Climate Lobby, I extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Boulder City Council, and especially council member Sam Weaver, for lending their support… Read more

Study finds benefit in public ownership of utility

An editorial July 13 in the Daily Camera praised Governor Hickenlooper’s recent executive order setting climate goals for Colorado. The piece said, “we’re glad Hickenlooper and other cities and states… Read more