Views, Letters to the Editor and Opinions on Renewable Energy, Coal and Boulder Muni Efforts.

Lili Francklyn: Not So Fast, Xcel

The fact that Xcel has suddenly come forward with a “best and final” settlement proposal regarding Boulder’s energy future and muni a mere three weeks before a deadline to notify… Read more

Bob Morehouse: Encourage local action like the muni

Letter to the editor: Following the ugliest presidential election campaign in modern history, there are many losers. Civility tops the list. And truth. But perhaps the biggest loser of all… Read more

Suzanne Spiegel: Muni numbers look good

Letter to the Editor: I now see why people have been so excited about Boulder’s move to create a municipal electric utility, the “muni.” I looked over the new financial… Read more

Rebecca Dickson: Xcel not a good partner for Boulder

Guest Opinion: Recently several people have called on the city of Boulder to negotiate with Xcel Energy and form a partnership to provide electricity to Boulder residents. Many of us… Read more

Paul Culnan: Nabobs of negativity on muni

Letter to the Editor: I have to say that you, the Camera editors, have hooked me into writing you. The nabobs of negativity are getting plenty of press in the… Read more