Views, Letters to the Editor and Opinions on Renewable Energy, Coal and Boulder Muni Efforts.

Lili Francklyn: We are all Houston

Watching the horrific events unfold in Houston, I’m more grateful than usual for the foresight Boulder has displayed over the decades to protect its open spaces and wild ecosystems, its… Read more

Michael J. Holtz: Boulder should stay the course on muni

Recently Open Forum has published a number of very insightful letters and commentaries — from Karen Conduff, Paul Culnan, Randy Compton, Chris Hoffman, Tim Schoechle and others — regarding municipalization… Read more

Cathy Conery: Council candidates should support muni

Election season is upon us. It is critically important that voters know unequivocally the policy positions of candidates on the major issues that confront us. The imperative issue we face,… Read more

Eric Lombardi: PUC watching out for fairness on muni

On Monday, the Camera headline “Staff advises muni advance” made me smile because I knew this was a big victory for the city and people of Boulder. But my joy… Read more

Randy Compton: A major vindication for the muni

The staff of the Public Utilities Commission has now said, “the Commission should move forward with the City of Boulder’s plan to municipalize its electric utility service according to a… Read more