Views, Letters to the Editor and Opinions on Renewable Energy, Coal and Boulder Muni Efforts.

Joe McDonald: Xcel should step up

Letter to the Editor: Thank you for publishing the editorial “Paris pact just a start” (Daily Camera, Dec. 16). With 195 nations around the world united in working for a… Read more

Tom Asprey: Off the mark

Letter to the Editor: The anti-municipalization opinion piece by Stephen Colby in the Dec. 6 Camera adds little to the conversation and makes many unwarranted assumptions. To begin with, Mr.… Read more

Josh Kuhn: Don’t turn back on muni.

Letter to the Editor: I’ve been reading the recent letters and opinion pieces about municipalization. It seems to me the path to municipalization is like a maze. Three entities are… Read more

Timothy Schoechle: Minneapolis muni off-ramp: a dead end

Opinion: In his guest opinion of Nov. 8, William Stoehr questions Boulder’s need for electricity municipalization and points to Minneapolis for a viable alternative. He notes that “Minneapolis negotiated a… Read more

Edward R. Arnold: Laughery column uninformed

Letter to the Editor: Ron Laughery, in his column (“Muni’s environmental cost,” Daily Camera, Jan. 21), seems uninformed. Laughery claims that if Boulder had only done the wind deal with… Read more