Views, Letters to the Editor and Opinions on Renewable Energy, Coal and Boulder Muni Efforts.

Karl Anuta: Thanks for the funny muni headline

Hey Camera, thanks for that hilarious headline in the Aug. 3 edition: “Xcel denies obstructing bid.” That ranks right up there with “largest inauguration crowd ever” and “millions of illegal… Read more

Merrill Glustrom: Good move by City Council backing carbon fee

As a member of the Citizens Climate Lobby, I extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Boulder City Council, and especially council member Sam Weaver, for lending their support… Read more

Duncan Gilchrist: Study finds benefit in public ownership of utility

An editorial July 13 in the Daily Camera praised Governor Hickenlooper’s recent executive order setting climate goals for Colorado. The piece said, “we’re glad Hickenlooper and other cities and states… Read more

Tim Schoechle: Muni could pave way to high-speed fiber broadband

Lately, I am hearing the question, “how is it that Longmont gets state-of-the-art, citywide (one gigabit symmetrical) municipal fiber broadband service (for $49 per month), while Boulder does not?” The… Read more

Richard David: A Better Option for Our Electricity Future

In the endless discussion on the Boulder muni, I think people are asking for choice. To me the best approach is for the state of Colorado to do what Nevada… Read more