Views, Letters to the Editor and Opinions on Renewable Energy, Coal and Boulder Muni Efforts.

Boulder Facing Critical Vote on Municipal Utility

The Boulder City Council Will Decide April 17 Whether to Terminate PUC Case Boulder, CO, April 10 — The City of Boulder is facing two critical deadlines this month that… Read more

Chris Hoffman: Say no to Xcel

City Council is about to make a huge decision and is being pressured by Xcel to do the wrong thing (“Proposed Xcel settlement a bad deal for Boulder,” Daily Camera,… Read more

Julie Zahniser: Proposed Xcel Settlement A Bad Deal for Boulder

On April 1, the Daily Camera reported that Xcel had proposed a “settlement” of the municipal utility saga. This proposal is bad for Boulder — it is unfair, overpriced, one-sided… Read more

Lili Francklyn: Not So Fast, Xcel

The fact that Xcel has suddenly come forward with a “best and final” settlement proposal regarding Boulder’s energy future and muni a mere three weeks before a deadline to notify… Read more

Bob Morehouse: Encourage local action like the muni

Letter to the editor: Following the ugliest presidential election campaign in modern history, there are many losers. Civility tops the list. And truth. But perhaps the biggest loser of all… Read more