Views, Letters to the Editor and Opinions on Renewable Energy, Coal and Boulder Muni Efforts.

Tim Schoechle: Muni could pave way to high-speed fiber broadband

Lately, I am hearing the question, “how is it that Longmont gets state-of-the-art, citywide (one gigabit symmetrical) municipal fiber broadband service (for $49 per month), while Boulder does not?” The… Read more

Tax extension in Focus as Boulder Mulls Muni Ballot Measures

If renewed in November at its current rate, the soon-to-expire tax that funds Boulder’s effort to form a municipal electric utility would generate a projected $6.3 million over the next… Read more

A Better Option for Our Electricity Future

In the endless discussion on the Boulder muni, I think people are asking for choice. To me the best approach is for the state of Colorado to do what Nevada… Read more

Nick Kerwin: A Big Victory for the Muni

The PUC decision of April 19 was a big victory for Boulder municipalization, not a setback as the Camera story asserted. The critical action by the PUC was that the… Read more

Peter Mayer: See the MUNI through

Xcel has presented Boulder with two coal-fired turds labeled “final best offer” and “partnership.” These humiliating, turn-tail exit ramps are laden with carbon and are unacceptable. City Council should ignore… Read more