Views, Letters to the Editor and Opinions on Renewable Energy, Coal and Boulder Muni Efforts.

Blake Jones: Yes on 2L and 2O

Let’s maintain our negotiating leverage with Xcel I’m an entrepreneur and small business owner who lives in Boulder, and I’m a strong advocate for voting “yes” on the two municipalization-related… Read more

Lee Rozaklis: Laughery column on muni off-base

Ron Laughery’s Oct. 18 commentary is questionable on both of its major points. Citing the Boulder Municipal Utility Business Plan, Ron claims that Boulder would hire private companies to do all of… Read more

Tom Mayer: Take energy production out of private hands

The overriding issue in upcoming muni election is climate change. If there is any chance of preventing disastrous global warming, it is imperative to take the production of power (and… Read more

Michael Spratt: Decisions, decisions

As I continue to read guest opinions, it really has become about Us vs. Them. However, it seems like with the help of the Daily Camera, the PLAN Boulder group… Read more

Bob Hopper: Will Boulder step up for the muni?

Mike Sandrock’s recent article about open space: “Boulder’s Greatest Treasure” was a moving tribute to our shared history of protecting the environment. Even better was the celebration which honored the… Read more