Views, Letters to the Editor and Opinions on Renewable Energy, Coal and Boulder Muni Efforts.

Tim Schoechle: Public power: the bigger picture

In his Sunday guest commentary (“It’s off-ramp time,” Daily Camera, Oct. 1) Councilman Yates casts himself as a steward of the public purse as he quibbles and frets over dollars and… Read more

Robert Westby: Xcel's undue political influence and market power

Nationally, investor-owned utilities (IOUs) including Xcel are unduly influencing state regulation through legislative lobbying and disproportionate regulatory influence. They are also bringing their monopoly market power to bear unfairly on… Read more

Barbara Farhar: History says Boulder should stick with the muni

Boulder — long committed to achieving significant climate goals — voted in the initial “carbon tax” to begin climate action, including exploring the muni, in November 2007. Xcel spent approximately… Read more

Lisa Morzel and Edie Hooton: Keep moving forward on Boulder's clean energy utility

Boulder has accomplished great, and often challenging, things. It took decades to assemble our open space and mountain parks system; Boulder has been dedicated to paying the costs to acquire… Read more

Municipalization: More important now than ever

In many ways I’m surprised and a bit saddened that I actually feel the need to write this explanation for why people should continue to support Boulder’s municipalization effort. I… Read more