Views, Letters to the Editor and Opinions on Renewable Energy, Coal and Boulder Muni Efforts.

Julie Zahniser: How about a worst-case from Xcel?

Letter to the Editor: Dan Powers, in his recent guest commentary (“Time to abandon muni plan?”, Feb. 1), asked the City to provide an update on “worst-case scenario financials.” I would… Read more

William Truesdell: Mangling the political process

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to the Daily Camera’s editorial (“Xcellent profits for Xcel,” Jan. 30), we are now all aware of Xcel’s commitment to making a buck, even if… Read more

Leslie Glustrom: Will coal investments become stranded assets?

Opinion: A machine that no rational person wants to build is one that generates stranded assets — assets that become non-functional long before they have been paid for. Unfortunately, customers… Read more

Phil Wardwell: Xcess profits

Letter to the Editor: Thank you to Dave Krieger for his editorial that spells out so clearly one reason so many of us support municipalization (“Xcellent profits for Xcel,” Daily… Read more

Micah Parkin: Responsible by nature?

Letter to the Editor: My young children learned long ago how to connect the dots. It seems that Xcel hasn’t yet learned this skill (“Xcel still spending on coal,” Daily… Read more