Views, Letters to the Editor and Opinions on Renewable Energy, Coal and Boulder Muni Efforts.

Dave Krieger: Xcellent profits for Xcel

Editorial: To shareholders of Xcel Energy, we offer our congratulations on blowout earnings in the fourth quarter of 2014 announced Thursday and an annual dividend yield of more than 3… Read more

Paul Culnan: Biggest risk of muni is giving up

Letter to the Editor: Re: “Post-ruling options carry risks” (Daily Camera, Jan. 16). The biggest risk would be to give up on municipalization and to go with the Xcel status… Read more

Joe McDonald: Hang in there on municipalization, Boulder

Letter to the Editor: Recently, there appeared a story with a contemporary ring to it. The story told about how, back in the early ’60s, the city had to pursue… Read more

Eric Johnson: Choose municipalization

Letter to the Editor We received a letter from Xcel a few weeks back, glowingly describing its activities.  However, a recent Daily Camera article provides a better illustration of Xcel’s… Read more

Chris Hoffman: Coal is not the only problem

Opinion: Go to the top of Flagstaff Mountain and look east. On most days you can’t see “all the way to Kansas” anymore; on some days the view east looks… Read more