On Thursday, August 20, the Boulder City Council voted to put a new Xcel franchise agreement on the November 2020 ballot.

That agreement actually consists of multiple parts including:

1) A new 20-year franchise agreement with unenforceable interim “off-ramps” that could be contested by Xcel.
2. A “settlement” that would put an end to Boulder’s work to establish a local power utility, and seek to dismiss all current court proceedings.
3. An “agreement” regarding future renewable energy projects, each of which would have to be negotiated separately with Xcel and approved by the PUC.

In effect, a new franchise agreement leaves Boulder empty-handed, without the ability to move ahead with its own clean power, or – if the franchise agreement is not approved by the PUC – without any leverage with Xcel whatsoever.
Learn more about reasons to Vote NO on 2C (a new franchise agreement with Xcel).

Read EOF’s initial response to the City’s negotiations with Xcel and our Decision Assistance Letter in which we offered questions to weigh when considering putting the Xcel franchise agreement on the November ballot.

See the Boulder/Xcel Settlement Agreement here.