August 13, 2020

Want Boulder to Stay on the Path to 100% Renewable Energy?

If so, we need to stay out of a 20-year franchise agreement with Xcel. See 5 Reasons Not to Send a Franchise to the Voters in 2020 for just 5 of the many reasons to say “no” to putting a franchise agreement with Xcel on the Ballot in November 2020. Then, do your part and contact City Council.  Even if you don’t support a “Muni”, this agreement with Xcel is too flawed — too rushed, too risky, too costly, and we have too much to lose.

1. It’s too rushed. Boulder deserves a much better deal.

2. The City promised the voters facts about costs.

3. It would be like signing a lease with a landlord without knowing what the rent will be.

Customers – There is nothing in the agreement about future rates. Xcel plans to raise their earnings 5-7% a year. Electricity demand is flat, so to make that kind of money they most likely will continue to raise rates. (The cost of renewables keeps going down…our rates should too!)

Taxpayers – Any services (renewables, microgrids, etc.) Xcel provides to Boulder that go beyond what Xcel provides to other customers are services that Boulder taxpayers would have to pay for. (State law CRS 40-3-106.) These would cost Boulder taxpayers unknown millions of dollars extra.

We risk losing a lot. We don’t get much in exchange.

We would lose this generational opportunity for a better future.

Contact Boulder City Council ( to Ask them to keep franchise off ballot.  Sign up to speak at the 8/20/20 City Council meeting.