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Attend an “Empower Hour” – see more information on the “Events” page

Speak at City Council during “open comments” in support of progress on clean energy and/or on the urgency of the climate crisis.

Send an email to City Council in support of progress on clean energy and/or on the urgency of the climate crisis.

Write a letter to the editor in support of progress on clean energy and/or on the urgency of the climate crisis. (For topic ideas check our News page.) Letters should be no more than 300 words. Include your name, address and daytime telephone number.

  • Daily Camera – openforum@prairiemountainmedia.com
  • Boulder Weekly – letters@boulderweekly.com


Comment at the PUC

Comment via the PUC.colorado.gov website.

Key Messages for the PUC:

1) Why are customers paying for Pueblo Unit 3 – with full profits for Xcel? We have been paying 100% return of (depreciation) and return on (profits) for Pueblo Unit 3 but have gotten much less than 100% of its projected production. This is an abuse of Xcel’s Colorado ratepayers and the PUC should be correcting this abuse as called for in CRS 40-3-102.

2) Don’t fix Pueblo 3, PULL THE PLUG on Pueblo 3!  Closing Pueblo 3 represents a remarkable opportunity to accelerate the decarbonization of Xcel’s electricity and reduce Colorado’s carbon emissions. Most years, Pueblo 3 emits 3-5 million tons of CO2 — the equivalent of over 500,000 passenger vehicles or the energy use of over 300,000 homes in a year!*

* Data from Xcel’s 21A-0141E ERP plugged into the EPA’s greenhouse gas equivalency calculator

3) Excessive Profits and Rate Increases! Xcel’s after-tax profits in 2020 were over $588 million. In 2021, they climbed to $660 million in after-tax net income in Colorado. No more rate increases! And no free rides – Xcel can afford to pay for their mistakes!

4) Why is Xcel’s system still fossil fuel dominated? Moving in the right direction, yet Xcel still has over 50% fossil fuel generation—unconscionable given the abundant, low-cost wind and solar available in Colorado. The PUC is supposed to make sure that Xcel’s facilities promote public health and safety (CRS 40-3-101 (2)) Xcel’s Colorado system is not good for public health and safety! We shouldn’t have to pay for dirty and expensive generation!

350 Colorado’s Action Dashboard

Boulder Rights of Nature 

Clean Energy Action

Citizens’ Climate Lobby legislation, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, is in the Senate. Learn how it works.  See the Citizens’ Climate Lobby website to take action and to support it (see “Take Action”). Support for CCL’s rationale includes Professor Michael E. Mann,  who is recognized around the world as a leading expert on climate change. Read (or listen to) his July 2, 2021 Op-ed in the Allegheny Front.

Colorado Rising

New Era Colorado – see their drop-down menu “Take Action”