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Testify at the public hearing Wednesday Jan 19, 2022 (4-6 pm) on Xcel's rate increase —now proposed as $182 million more per year—on top of the $588 million in after tax profits in 2020 from Colorado customers!

Comment via the PUC.colorado.gov website or use this link to the form.

This is a remarkable opportunity to accelerate the decarbonization of Xcel’s electricity and reducing Colorado’s carbon emissions by over 5 million tons a year – the equivalent of taking 1 million or more cars off the road! 

Key High Level Messages for the PUC:

1) Excessive Profits and Rate Increases! Xcel’s after-tax profits in 2020 being over $588 million (Slide 66 in the attached EEI PPT)–they may want a rate increase, but they don’t really need one! (The proposed Settlement Agreement before the PUC, attached, calls for a net rate base increase of $182 million–the highest single rate case increase I’ve ever seen! See Xcel’s Profits and Rate Increase Slides (152 K file) 

2) Paying for Pueblo Unit 3–with Full Profits for Xcel! We have been paying 100% return of (depreciation) and return on (profits) for Pueblo Unit 3 but we are getting a lot less than 100% of its previously projected production and it was always a terrible idea anyways–This is an abuse of Xcel’s Colorado ratepayers and the PUC should be correcting this abuse as called for in CRS 40-3-102.  It is beyond unconscionable for us to be paying for coal burning now when over 1000 of our neighbors have had their homes incinerated by the hot, dry, climate driven conditions in December! Beyond that there are millions of people suffering around the world because of our carbon and methane emissions. We shouldn’t be paying for these! (Even if Xcel backs down the operation of Pueblo Unit 3, they want to keep earning their full level of profits on Pueblo Unit 3 into the 2030s—way beyond unconscionable in our view.)

3) Paying for a Fossil Fuel Dominated System! While Xcel is moving in the right direction, they are still over 50% fossil fuel generation—this is, again, unconscionable given the abundant, low-cost wind and solar available in Colorado. The PUC is supposed to make sure that Xcel’s facilities promote public health and safety (CRS 40-3-101 (2)) Clearly Xcel’s Colorado system is not good for public health and safety! We shouldn’t have to pay for such dirty and expensive generation any longer—again, this is an abuse that needs to be corrected! 

4) $9.9 Billion in Spending by Xcel in Colorado Over the Next 5 Years—HELP!  Xcel wants to spend over $9.9 billion in Colorado over the next decade. This is likely to be close to catastrophic for our bills. The PUC should be exercising very strong control over Xcel and its spending to ensure that it doesn’t keep driving our bills and their profits up at a time when the cost of carbon-free alternatives keeps dropping!

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Citizens’ Climate Lobby legislation, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, is in the Senate. Learn how it works.  See the Citizens’ Climate Lobby website to take action and to support it (see “Take Action”). Support for CCL’s rationale includes Professor Michael E. Mann,  who is recognized around the world as a leading expert on climate change. Read (or listen to) his July 2, 2021 Op-ed in the Allegheny Front.

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