August 19, 2020

We are living in a time when so much is out of our control, but our energy future doesn’t need to be.

The Boulder City Council will discuss a recently proposed 20-year franchise agreement with Xcel Energy. We are in desperate need of integrity, innovation, and inspiration – not an escape route from the responsibility to ensure the safe and healthy future we’ve voted for time and time again.

Boulder has been a light in a country that has in many ways gone dark, and we must continue to illuminate the path to progress. How do we do that? By staying out of a rushed franchise agreement with a corporation that is not accountable to the people of Boulder.

It has been nearly a decade since Boulder began pushing for energy independence, and now is not the time to give up the fight. After so many years of advocating for locally owned and controlled renewable energy despite Xcel’s efforts to dismantle the people’s momentum, we are at a pinnacle moment in which lasting and critical change can be made.

When it comes to the climate, we don’t have time to lose. Allowing Xcel to set the agenda actively deprioritizes the rights and interests of our community and future generations.

I am part of a generation of young people who are the rising stewards of our environment and our city, who will inevitably inherit the destruction of climate change. Young people in Colorado are more politically engaged than ever before and we will continue to stand up for our future. So get on board. Settling for Xcel again is a direct threat to our planet and our city’s rightful autonomy.

Ellie Bach
Boulder, CO

Published in the August 19, 2020 Boulder Daily Camera