An amazing group of Boulder citizens speak out about what matters to them and why they are voting “NO” on 2C.

We Have Options

Boulder has options other than a franchise agreement with Xcel.

Highlighted by Leslie Glustrom (Clean Energy Action), Duncan Gilchrist (CU Grad Student, and Marguerite Behringer (Clean Energy Action).

Local Power, Local Governance

Hear Duncan Gilchrist, CU grad student, describe why bold climate progress is so important to his generation.

3A The World is Watching, Boulder

Boulder’s energy future should not be dictated by an out of state corporation inherently designed to benefit its shareholders. Marguerite Behringer of Clean Energy Action lays it out for us.

Beware Xcel

A cautionary tale by Lisa Morzel (former Boulder City Council), Duncan Gilchrist (CU grad student), Andrew Barton (New Era Colorado), and Leslie Glustrom (Clean Energy Action)

Local Control Benefits People & the Planet

Conor May, CU Law student and Clean Energy Action Executive Director  talks about how local decision making benefits local people AND the planet!

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