Empower Our Future

Clean Energy. Local Control.

I. 2020 RFP PROPOSALS – 100% Renewable power and financing to create a local power utility!

In August 2020, in response to a one-month window Request for Proposals (RFP) Boulder received viable bids that would make it possible to achieve Boulder’s Climate Commitment target of 100% renewable electricity and 100 MW of local generation by 2030 with for innovative financing to support continued development of a municipal electric utility.

Experienced utility vendors

  •  project development and operational experience,
  • municipal, cooperative and investor-owned utilities experience

100% renewables by 2030

  • utility-scale solar, wind and battery storage projects
  • local power: community solar and storage projects (in city limits and Boulder County)
  • Pricing lower than Xcel
  • Pricing lower than 2018 RFIP

Innovative Financing

  • remaining activities to create a municipal electric utility (e.g. legal, regulatory, condemnation, engineering studies, power supply interconnection studies)
  • acquisition, separation, start-up and stranded costs.


The City’s 2018 Request for Indicative Pricing (RFIP) showed that Boulder could save $40 million per year on energy costs at 89% renewable power by purchasing from vendors other than Xcel. And, even at higher costs, Xcel would be providing only 53% renewables.