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Cowles: Info on Xcel’s campaign consultant

Dear City Council members,

Your council has not yet heard from the community or worked out the final price or details of any proposed ballot issues concerning reentry into a Franchise Agreement or the UOT. Yet Xcel Energy has brought outside hired lobbyists in to Boulder to gin up support for their messy deal. Xcel is showing us just how valuable this “deal” is for them. Xcel’s decision to bring in hired guns is intended to overwhelm and threaten local activists, environmental groups and ignore the will of the voters. This is not acceptable and is certainly not the Boulder way.

In the city election of 2011, 74% of Boulder voted to yes on ballot measure 2H to abolish corporate personhood, to get money out of politics.

This move on Xcel’s part is a deal breaker, should be taken seriously by council and rejected outright.

Please act in the best interests of Boulder, respect the will of the voters and say no to this proposal for the 2020 ballot.

Regina Cowles
Boulder, CO