Liberate Our Power!

Vote YES!! On 2L, 2O, 2P

YES votes on these three measures will allow Boulder to continue moving forward with the process of creating a publicly-owned electric utility. The most important one – the renewal of the Utility Occupation Tax – will only cost residential electricity customers about $2 per month. Not a lot to pay, to get the final estimates on what it will cost Boulder to declare its independence from Xcel and launch a public power utility.

Assuming the 2017 measures pass, the community will have another chance in several years to weigh in on public power; this will be the final decision on whether to issue bonds and bring the utility to life.

Ballot measure summaries:

2L Renew the Utility Occupation Tax
The Utility Occupation tax funds critical legal and engineering expenses needed to create a publicly owned electric utility for Boulder. This measure extends the tax that was passed in 2011, and increases it for the first two years. The average cost for a residential customer is $2 per month. (See the graph to compare our research costs to profits that Xcel takes out of Boulder each year)

2O Public Vote to Finance Local Power
Amend the City Charter with a vote of the community to proceed before issuing debt to establish a municipal utility.

2P Extend Executive Sessions
Extend the ability of the City discuss municipalization strategy in Executive Session. Council would not be allowed to use Executive Sessions to discuss negotiation strategy with respect to a settlement with Xcel that would end the municipalization process.

Ballot Measure Text

Measure 2L

Shall City of Boulder taxes be increased $4,000,000 annually (in the first year) through an increase of up to that amount in the current Utility Occupation Tax in the year 2018; and $3,000,000 in the year 2019; and shall the portion of the City’s Utility Occupation Tax approved by voters on November 1, 2011, which in 2017 was in the amount of $,2015,710, be extended from its current expiration date of December 31, 2017 through December 31, 2011; and shall the extension and the annual increase in the tax be used to fund costs associated with a municipal electric utility that will support Boulder’s clean energy goals and the community’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement, improve system reliability, and create energy related business opportunities, provided that if the City of Boulder decides not to proceed with a municipal electric utility, the tax shall expire after costs associated with the municipal utility effort are paid; and shall the increased and extended portion of that tax be subject to the same terms and conditions as the original tax and all earnings thereon (regardless of amount) constitute a voter approved revenue change, and an exception to the revenue and spending limits of Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution?


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Measure 2O

Charter Provisions Related to Municipalization

Shall Section 178 of the Charter be amended pursuant to Ordinance 8193 to require a vote at a general or special election prior to the enterprise incurring debt for construction to separate the existing utility system for the City to provide electricity to customers of the City by a separate system.


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Measure 2P

Shall Section 9 of the Charter be amended pursuant to Ordinance 8202 to:

(1) amend the requirements for notices of executive sessions regarding legal advice and negotiation strategy regarding municipalization to align processes more closely with state law; and

(2) prohibit any discussions about negotiating a franchise or other settlement discussions that would terminate Boulder’s effort to operate an independent municipal electric utility; and

(3) extend the authority to hold executive sessions until December 31, 2023.


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