Eric Lombardi: Electric service – Don’t be fooled by Xcel

July 15, 2020

I worked at the vanguard of the Zero Waste Movement 25 years ago. Today is now the time for the clean energy future to emerge.

I spent my career “negotiating” with corporations who made their money the old fashion way, business as usual (BAU). I learned quickly (within five years) that our so-called negotiations were simply BAU. The utility companies had time and money on their side and they paid people and lawyers a lot of money to make sure we were “at the table” where we couldn’t do any real harm to their business model. The recycling/composting rate in the United States is about 35 percent today … and the Zero Waste Society we know can be built has been smothered.

Boulder is getting played by Xcel Energy the same way we were by Waste Management Inc. Don’t believe that the company is sincere in supporting our dreams. Company officials are today, and will tomorrow, do everything they can to protect their profits. I don’t blame them for this. They are behaving logically.

I blame us for not being more brave and committed on behalf of the community.

Eric Lombardi

Published in the July 15, 2020 in the Boulder Daily Camera

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