Public Hearing on Boulder MUNI

On Monday, April 17th, the Boulder City Council will hold a public hearing to get input on whether to move forward with Boulder’s MUNI case before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. The hearing is being triggered by two MUNI settlement proposals delivered by Xcel Energy on March 31st. In one proposal, Xcel is offering the opportunity for Boulder to “buy out” Xcel’s position for $900 million. The other proposal asks the city to sign what is essentially another franchise agreement, which Xcel is calling a “partnership.”

Meanwhile, Xcel has made termination of Boulder’s PUC proceedings a necessary condition of its settlement offers. A crucial hearing on the city’s case at the PUC begins on April 26th.

On April 17th at the Boulder City Council Public Hearing, you may sign up to speak for two minutes, and registration begins at 5:00pm. There will also be a rally outside the municipal building starting at 5:00pm to show support for the Boulder MUNI. Please wear something green!