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Guest Opinion: Boulder can lead way on community choice electricity

Published in Boulder Daily Camera
By Leslie Glustrom

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While no place is perfect, there are many reasons to be grateful to live in Boulder County — from the music and trails at Chautauqua to the fun and good food on Pearl Street.

One of the things I’m most grateful for is the quality of our elected representatives. At the state level, our Boulder County legislators include Representatives Tracey Bernett, Judy Amabile, Karen McCormick and Edie Hooton (who will now very likely be ably replaced by Boulder Councilwoman Junie Joseph), as well as Senator Sonya Jaquez-Lewis and, of course, Senate President Steve Fenberg!

This stellar Boulder County delegation is leading the way on many fronts from energy and climate to regenerative agriculture to early childhood education and health care and much more! I am so grateful to have them representing us!

One thing our legislators have not yet achieved though, is bringing more competition to our state’s electricity markets — but they will have a chance to do so in the 2023 legislative session.

Community after community that has gained the freedom to “go to market” in Colorado for their electricity has found that there are many willing suppliers ready to bring their community much cleaner — and importantly, lower-cost electricity.

In the meantime, our monopoly provider, Xcel, has shown a determination to raise our rates time and time again — regardless of how cheap wind and solar electricity becomes. Sadly, as customers of a monopoly, we currently have no choice but to keep paying Xcel’s ever-higher rates.

In late 2022, the Colorado PUC will issue its report on Community Choice Energy and Boulder County legislators will have the opportunity to once again lead the way by allowing communities that want to look for better deals for their electricity to do so.

Here’s hoping our legislators will take this opportunity!

Leslie Glustrom, Boulder