Landon Hilliard: NO on 2C, the right choice to empower our future now

October 30, 2020

After inking the ballot bubble for Biden/Harris, arguably the most consequential choice you can make this election is “NO on 2C” to avert a recoupling with Xcel Energy. A NO on 2C offers both local control and the necessary options to achieve carbon reduction goals rapidly and economically. For this reason, by comparison, committing to a ten-year franchise contract with Xcel Incorporated is counterproductive; the pace is too slow and the price is too high. Moreover, the risk of further entanglement in Xcel’s monopoly is excessive.

We Boulderites give a care about climate change. We understand the need to act decisively. Saying “no” to the franchise agreement allows the enterprising among us, city staff and citizen advocates alike, to continue to develop opportunities, albeit in fits and starts, to achieve the advantages of local power ownership that more than 20 municipalities in Colorado enjoy now. Remember, we can stay out of the franchise contract – presumably, the lights will stay on – and pursue the options that are in the best interests of the Boulder community.

Despite, or maybe because of, the uncertainties before us, we should stay the course begun a decade ago to form a local electric company and get cracking on harnessing clean energy. NO on 2C is the right choice to empower our future ( now.

Landon Hilliard
Boulder, CO

Submitted to the Boulder Daily Camera