Leslie Glustrom: Xcel Franchise – Don’t get fooled again

It is that time of year — the leaves are rustling, the days are shortening, the students are back, and Colorado gets an early season snow.

In the famous comic strip “Peanuts,” it is the time of year when Lucy insists that Charlie Brown trust her as she holds the football for him to kick. Year after year, Charlie Brown decides to trust Lucy — only to find out, yet again, that Lucy is not trustworthy and will pull the football away as he charges forward to kick it, leaving Charlie to land flat on his back — yet again!

Similarly, Boulder is once again being asked to trust Xcel Energy and to believe that Xcel will honor Boulder’s goals and ability to “opt-out” of a 20-year franchise.

One psychological analysis of Lucy and the football puts it this way:

Charlie is operating on a false paradigm. Lucy is not Charlie’s friend, nor is she ever likely to be. Lucy never puts another’s interests ahead of her own, even for a minute. She is about Lucy and no one else. (Search “Quora Lucy Football.”)

Boulder, beware. Xcel representatives can “talk nice” like Lucy and ask us to trust them, but trusting Xcel (and its enablers) would put us in the same category as Charlie Brown — flat on our backs, once again!

Xcel is a monopoly and its first priority is to maintain that monopoly, keeping Colorado communities under its control from benefiting from the cleaner and lower-cost electricity supply deals that are currently being offered to non-Xcel communities in Colorado.

Boulder beware. A recounting of some of the reasons not to trust Xcel is found at https://empowerourfuture.org/eof-letter-to-city-council/.

Let’s hope that Boulder voters are wiser and more discerning than poor hapless Charlie Brown was. Vote “no” on the proposed franchise agreement (Ballot Measure 2C).

Published in the 9/15/2020 Boulder Daily Camera

Leslie Glustrom

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