Lisa Morzel: Broadband

August 4, 2020

Dear Council,

(In response to email message to Council from Steve Pomerance.) Thanks, Steve.

Honestly all of this is sooooo poorly considered and little is not thought out and is so rushed. And for what purpose? It’s embarrassing how little transparency there has been and lack of time for the public to consider all of the ramifications and provide input to their supposed representatives.

I’m appalled how fast this consideration is being pushed despite the community investment over the past 10 years of ~$23-24M and tens of thousands of hours of citizen input and four positive elections of the people for the muni and this is now how the people are being treated??  And in 2019, xcel took $23M in profit just from Boulder, <4% of its territory. What is it that isn’t understood? Corporate shareholder profit vs reinvestment in Boulder by a municipally owned utility??? Those xcel profits could be reinvested in Boulder and never will be as long as Xcel holds the upper hand. Of course, Xcel is pushing this franchise agreement— it is all to their advantage and very little, if anything, comes to Boulder.

Longmont, Fort Collins, Estes, these communities are the true leaders and absolutely control their destiny in terms of energy and broadband and lower rates for their constituents. Ask anyone who lives in these communities.

And forget about the environment or climate action…what is wrong with this picture and Boulder leadership????

Amazingly sad and disappointing. Didn’t a majority of council members campaign on a municipally owned utility?  Maybe I missed something….

Secret meetings with Xcel which started in January and only became slightly known about in April and now a fait accompli ????  Amazingly un Democratic and not transparent. Definitely not much of a democracy and this is Boulder, the government I represented for over 20 years over a 24-year timeframe. Sorry but so disappointed.

Between the 3 ballot initiatives which have been sorely mishandled and each which has been treated inconsistently and now this, I don’t think ? the community is feeling good about any of this. I guess a lawsuit has now been filed against the City.  Not surprised.

Please return Boulder to some kind of democracy that truly represents the broad interests of its constituents. Let the sun shine and transparency and public input reign. Please represent your constituents.

Lisa Morzel
Former Boulder City Councilmember, 1995-2003, 2007-2019

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