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Local Power Financial Analysis

October 14, 2020

Empower Our Future just released this citizen-led report, Local Power Financial Analysis, that summarizes the projected financial benefits of a locally owned electric utility as one viable alternative to continuing with Xcel.

The report uses the City of Boulder’s Financial Forecast Tool, updated with current 2020 data and assumptions.

Empower Our Future believes that we are experiencing a paradigm shift in world energy markets, largely driven by the imperative to stop and reverse climate change.  Further, we believe that remaining flexible relative to options for sourcing 100% renewable electricity and open to new technologies and policies that make it possible to share electricity more equitably, reliably, and affordably, is critical. We offer this analysis of one option – that of implementing a locally owned electric utility – to demonstrate that we have at least one viable option at our disposal today.

All indications are that even more options will be available in the near future, which strengthens our conclusion that entering into a twenty-year franchise agreement with Xcel is both ill-conceived and poorly timed.

The report PDF is available here.

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Please direct any questions to the Press Contact: Susan Peterson Phone:303-594-3844 Email:bigtinysue@gmail.com

Since most variable values are not absolute (e.g. energy prices), a wide range of current data is modeled in this report to evaluate and arrive at the following three financial scenarios: Breakeven, Better, Even Better.