Michael Holtz: Municipalization: Stay the course

Last Sunday’s editorial reminds me of the saying: “With friends like you, who needs enemies!” I guess 10 years is too long, in your opinion, to gain full and complete control over the city’s electric service, have a more aggressive transition to sustainable and renewable energy sources, and lower costs for all city customers.

I guess you believe that we should drop our commitment to social justice since it has been more than 400 years and we still have not achieved equal treatment for persons of color. I guess we should drop our commitment for affordable housing since we have tried for decades to find an effective solution. I guess we should drop our concern for homelessness since we still have a large homeless population.

I guess we should drop our commitment for universal health care since we have not achieved health care for all. I think you get the picture that some things take time to overcome entrenched positions, especially when for-profit corporations like Xcel Energy are involved, whose primary business objective is to maximize profits.

I am not happy that it is taking a long time to achieve a municipal electric utility, but I am hopeful that it will happen and that like Longmont, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and 26 other Colorado municipal utilities and 22 rural Colorado electric cooperatives, it will be well worth the wait, the sweat and the effort.

The citizens of Boulder must remain strong, committed and focused on the ultimate goal. Do you think Martin Luther King Jr. thought after 10 years of struggle that that was enough and he should just give up on the fight for social justice? Get a grip, you are missing the broader and long-term benefits of a city-owned electric utility.

Michael Holtz


Published June 26, 2020 in the Daily Camera

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