Nick Kerwin: No on 2C Saves Money & Climate

October 28, 2020

Voting no on 2C is an easy decision. No on 2C means citizens save money, businesses save money and Boulder can hit 100% renewable electricity by 2030. No on 2C is a vote to continue with municipalization. Yes on 2C allows Colorado’s monopoly utility, Xcel, to extract tens of millions of dollars of profit from Boulder while failing to achieve our climate goals. Xcel just announced another 6.8% rate increase, after a 6.5% rate increase that was approved last year. Meanwhile, municipal utilities like Fort Collins and Colorado Springs have average rate increases of 1% annually. This is because for every dollar Xcel invests they are guaranteed a 9.83% return, which means we pay higher prices. Whereas municipal utilities are incentivized to save money as they are ultimately responsible to the citizens of their communities. No on 2C will result in families having more money each month to spend locally, businesses will have more money to reinvest, and startups will have more money to turn the corner and become the next big entrepreneurial success story. No on 2C isn’t just about what’s right for our pocketbooks, it’s also about making the right decision to address the Climate Crisis. As of 2020, Xcel generation is 30% renewables, which is the bare minimum allowed by Colorado’s RPS law. Xcel is “promising” 80% renewables by 2030, but Boulder has set a goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2030. Voting no on 2C is the only path to meeting our climate goals. The recent wildfires are a stark reminder that the climate crisis is no longer a distant problem for future generations to deal with, it is knocking at our door, it’s causing death, destruction and displacement before our eyes. Vote no on 2C.

Nick Kerwin
Boulder, CO

Submitted to the Boulder Daily Camera