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Phil Wardwell: Xcess profits

Letter to the Editor:

Thank you to Dave Krieger for his editorial that spells out so clearly one reason so many of us support municipalization (“Xcellent profits for Xcel,” Daily Camera, Jan. 30).

As Mr. Krieger points out, the Office of Consumer Counsel — the folks representing ratepayers — recommended a revenue reduction of $88.8 million, yet Xcel wound up getting a revenue increase of $53.3 million.

Customers in Boulder will be paying their share of these additional profits, to the tune of about $2.6 million. (Boulder is about 5 percent of Xcel’s Colorado system.)

When we get a municipal electric utility, our rates will be under local control and the utility’s revenues will not need to be inflated to produce excess profits. Until then we have to sit by and watch while Xcel reaps excess profits and while Xcel continues to ignore the climate crisis by plowing our money into extending the life of their old coal plants.

Phil Wardwell

This letter to the editor was originally published by Boulder Daily Camera