Stephen Whitaker: Please Keep the Franchise Off the Ballot

August 16, 2020

Council Members,

Please keep the franchise off the November ballot. I have read fully both the Franchise Agreement and Settlement Agreement. These agreements are deeply flawed in numerous ways and are not good for the people of Boulder now and for future generations.

By referring these agreements to the November ballot, you are essentially endorsing this work product. This now becomes the agreement that the City Council recommends to the voters. You are saying this is the best agreement we can produce between the City and Xcel. Really? There is nothing in theses agreements that you could improve on? This is the best you can do?

If you think these agreements could be improved, then fix them before you put them on the ballot. To expect each individual voter to read through and understand the details of theses agreements is unrealistic. In a representative democracy, the citizens rely on their elected officials to do the hard work to create the best agreement they can on behalf of the citizens before offering it to the voters for approval. I can hardly believe this is your best work.

For an agreement that commits the residents of Boulder to over $2billion in payments to Xcel, it is better that it be right than rushed to a vote.

Steve Whitaker
Boulder, CO

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