Steve Whitaker: Xcel–Enough already

Letter to the Editor, the Boulder Daily Camera, March 16, 2022

A business that does not deliver what was promised to its customers can hardly be expected to be paid, unless the business is a monopoly like Xcel. Again, Xcel’s flagship, coal-fired power plant, Pueblo unit 3, has stopped producing electricity. This is no problem to them; they charge us whether it is working or not, plus their cost to repair.

Our Xcel utility bills are going up and up and they have more rate increases in the works. We hardly need to be paying for a power plant that isn’t producing electricity. Colorado Public Radio reports that this plant has been unable to produce electricity cumulatively for nearly two years. It has been operating only since 2010. Enough already. It’s time to begin decommissioning this plant and stop charging us for it.

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