Suzanne Bhatt: Municipalization: Supporters aren’t like Trump’s followers

August 14, 2020

Last Sunday’s editorial, “Let’s Vote on Xcel Agreement” was extremely offensive to Boulder citizens who have been working on municipalization for many years. In his piece, Blake Fontenay disparaged those who encourage the City Council to wait until the costs of municipalizing are fully known so that both plans can be thoroughly and fairly vetted by comparing them to Donald Trump and his efforts to undermine our national elections.

Ironically, it is most certainly not the supporters of municipalization who are threatening citizens’ right to choose at the ballot box by pushing through a franchise agreement before the long-promised details of a local utility are announced, so that voters can analyze both plans and choose the best path for our long-term energy, environmental, and equity future.

Mr. Fontenay recently wrote a lengthy piece arguing that readers should be exposed and open to a wide variety of views and opinions. For him now to resort to denigrating citizens who have been spent countless volunteer hours engaged in issues affecting their city and its future is inappropriate and unacceptable. I hope will we not see more of this in future editorial opinion columns.

Suzanne Bhatt

Published in the 8.14.2020 Boulder Daily Camera

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