Views, Letters to the Editor and Opinions on Renewable Energy, Coal and Boulder Muni Efforts.

Brian Highland: Franchise agreement: Beware of limited time offers

Act Now! Limited Time Offer! Whenever a business creates an artificial sense of urgency to get you to buy something, it’s because you’d find it’s not worth it if you… Read more

Leslie Glustrom Answer to Steve Haymes

October 16, 2020 Dear Editor, Since Steve Haymes has attempted to malign my character and speak falsehoods about me, I would like to correct the errors. Steve Haymes claimed that… Read more

Electrical Empires in Colorado

October 16, 2020 Can Colorado’s largest utilities thwart fragmentation? by Allen Best Colorado’s two largest electrical utilities this autumn are trying to quell revolts, to keep their empires intact. Money… Read more

World's Biggest Provider of Wind & Solar Energy: More Valuable than Exxon Mobil

Story Posted by Editor David on Saturday October 10, 2020 @07:34PM on SlashDot (see story here). The world’s biggest provider of wind and solar energy is now more valuable than… Read more

Three Mayors Weigh In

We three Boulder mayors have helped lead our community’s efforts to decarbonize, decentralize and democratize our energy future. We believe Ballot Measure 2C’s abrupt and premature end to the municipalization… Read more