Views, Letters to the Editor and Opinions on Renewable Energy, Coal and Boulder Muni Efforts.

Steve Whitaker: The muni: Xcel is a monopoly

As our city leaders engage Xcel in yet another episode of negotiations, it would be wise for them to bear in mind that a leopard cannot change its spots. Xcel… Read more

Chris Hoffman: Xcel's risky overture

In this time of pandemic, no one wants to take unnecessary risks. We are all hoping that as we navigate this crisis, we will do it in a way that… Read more

Why is Boulder pursuing a partnership with Xcel when residents have repeatedly voted in support of the muni?

By Matt Cortina Over the last decade, Boulder residents voted to pursue a municipal electric utility six times: First, in 2011, to authorize a municipal utility and to fund planning… Read more

EOF Letter to City Council May 19, 2020 Dear City Council and Staff Empower Our Future would like to share with you some of our observations and expectations for the discussions with Xcel regarding… Read more

David Takahashi: Guest Opinion

A recent Xcel Energy announcement that it achieved a company record emissions reduction last year yielded conflicting responses from Boulder residents on the value of the city’s municipal utility effort… Read more