Views, Letters to the Editor and Opinions on Renewable Energy, Coal and Boulder Muni Efforts.

Amber Hess: I'm pulling for the planet

I’m worried about all these intense hurricanes, droughts, and fires. Climate change just seems to be happening faster and faster. I’m afraid for my son’s future. I think it is… Read more

Rene Rosario: Make Energy Public

I support what Cameron Brooks says in his guest opinion (“Municipalization is about more than clean electrons”) that creating our own publicly owned utility is “a step into the future.”… Read more

I wish I could vote in Boulder’s muni election

I’m not lucky enough to get to vote in the wonderful City of Boulder. But if I were, I know that I’d be voting YES on ballot initiative 2L to… Read more

Hunter Lovins: The Battle for Boulder's Future

In the placid university town of Boulder, Colorado, a battle rages that will shape the future of the city and its citizens. On November 7th, Boulder voters will choose to… Read more

Blake Jones: Make Xcel compete

I’m an entrepreneur and small business owner who lives in Boulder, and I’m a strong advocate for voting “yes” on the two municipalization-related ballot initiatives: 2L and 2O. Without 2L,… Read more