Paul Culnan: What We Know

What we know

Here is what we know:

We know that global warming is a pandemic we are in the midst of.

We know that fossil fuel use is the cause of global warming.

We know that it is technically and economically feasible for us as a community to run our homes, vehicles and businesses on high levels (95+%) of renewable energy (wind, solar and storage).

What is hindering us as Xcel customers in pursuit of 95+% renewable energy is the archaic system of state laws and regulations governing utilities in Colorado.

We know that home rule municipalities in Colorado, such as the City of Boulder, have the constitutional right to opt out of the state-regulated monopoly utility system to form and run their own utilities.

We know that the directors and executives of Xcel have for the last decade demonstrated their ability and willingness to exploit the legal system and the regulatory system at every turn in order slow to a crawl the City of Boulder’s exercise of our constitutional right.

We know we have to keep going.

We know we have to keep fighting for our rights.

We know we have to keep fighting for our planet.

Paul Culnan/Boulder

As published July 9, 2020 in the Boulder Weekly

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