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William Truesdell: Mangling the political process

Letter to the Editor:

Thanks to the Daily Camera’s editorial (“Xcellent profits for Xcel,” Jan. 30), we are now all aware of Xcel’s commitment to making a buck, even if it means mangling the political process by running a deceptive ballot measure meant to trick voters, as they did in the 2013 election. Boulder voters have now voted twice in favor of moving toward a city-run electric utility, but Xcel continues to initiate offensives on the legal front and mislead the public by flooding the papers with anti-muni sentiment. Xcel does not have the ratepayer’s interest in mind. They care about one thing: pleasing shareholders and padding the bottom line with, in 2014, $310 million more revenue than analysts expected. As a ratepayer, at least it’s clear to me now where the extra cost I incur each month ends up: in the pockets of a corporation dismally behind the mark on addressing climate change. And come the 2015 election, I wouldn’t count out Xcel’s attempt to bamboozle us again.

William Truesdell

This letter to the editor was originally published by Boulder Daily Camera