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Empowering Boulder's Clean Energy Goal:

100% Renewable Electricity by 2030

and Empowering Citizens Through…


Empower Hours: 3/26/24 Getting the Gas Out of Xcel's Clean Heat Plan Video is up. Save the Date: 5/14/24 Empower — Zero Emissions Communities

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Upcoming: May 14, 2024 at 6pm Empower Hour—Zero Emissions Communities Matt Lehrman, Energy Strategy Coordinator for the City of Boulder

Recent Events: 

Empower Hour—3/26/2024: Getting the Gas Out of Xcel’s Clean Heat Plan

Empower Hour—2/20/24 Legislative Outlook 

Empower Hour—”New Frontiers of Energy” Empower Hour Series: What Jet Fuel, 1%, and Common Sense have to do with 100% Renewable Electricity

Empower Hour—CCE: What’s in it for Me (and Colorado)? How Community Choice Powers Millions (11/14/2023)

Empower Hour Climate & Energy Forums: (10/3/2023) Boulder Mayoral Candidates and on 10/10/2023 City Council Candidates. 

Empower Hour (9/19/2023) — A Discussion between Xcel President Robert Kenney & Longtime Xcel Watchdog Leslie Glustrom. 

Empower Hour (8/8/2023) — Susie Strife of Boulder County’s Office of Sustainability, Climate Action & Resilience (OSCAR)  


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…as well as interesting and thought-provoking resources like this site, CarbonLessDay

See our educational campaigns: CCE for Colorado and “Pull the Plug on Pueblo”

We support maximizing the partnership to benefit Boulder and further our renewable energy goals. We are monitoring and reporting on the City/Xcel Agreement projects, costs, progress, while educating our community about industry innovation and opportunities to engage on this critical topic. See more details on the Oversight page.​

Is CCE Right for Colorado?

The benefits of CCE are substantial: cleaner electricity faster, lower electricity costs, more relevant and innovative energy programs, choice and local control on energy matters, and more energy dollars remaining in the community for local economic development and jobs.
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Time to close this ill-conceived, unreliable disaster of a coal-fired plant, and let Xcel pay for their mistake!
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